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Church Ceremonies

I work with the music you love. I offer a tailored ceremony to suit you and your partner’s music preferences ensuring appropriateness and suitability at all times, in line with the reverence of the ceremony. For church Ceremonies, the music does not have to be specifically religious but it is always wise to speak with your celebrant once the music is selected to ensure they are satisfied with the music choice.

I prefer to meet sooner rather than later to have an initial conversation regarding your music. It’s a more personal touch and allows me to gauge what works best based on your decisions. There are multiple parts of the mass ceremony you will need to select music for, so we will work together on the perfect songs. You can find the format of mass music placement here which will allow you a deeper understanding of how many songs/hymns you need and we will use this sheet to pick your music when we meet in person. I then share the document with you for review and final confirmation, which should be agreed no later than two weeks before the wedding.

For couples living abroad or unable to meet in person, I can offer conference options via google meet, whatsapp, skype, zoon, MS Teams or other.